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Blue Star (Dark Eyes)

A favorite Spanish lavender variety noted for beautiful grey-green foliage and flower heads that are a dark purple-red color. Nicknamed butterfly lavender, it has a pinecone-shaped bud that emits a eucalyptus fragrance. It blooms continuously from May to October if spent blossoms are removed.



Lemon Viridis

A unique yellow/lime green lavender that grows wild inPortugal, parts of Spain and the islands of Majorca and Minorca. A member of the Stoechas group of lavenders, Lemon Viridis has an exquisite smell of lemons and is reputed to keep mosquitoes away when planted around patios. If deadheaded Viridis will bloom continuously from April to October, plants must be pruned substantially in October to survive a cold winter.



Otto Quast

This hardy variety of Spanish lavender is known for its bold, purple-bracketed blooms. Otto Quast blooms from early spring until the first hard freeze. It contains attractive foliage during the winter months than some of the other lavender varieties. It features a softer, yet deeply satisfying fragrance that attracts birds, butterflies and humans.



Lavandula Stoechas (Spanish)

Our Plant Varities

Known also at topped lavender, Lavandula stoechas is widely used commercially in air fresheners, deodorants, disinfectants and insecticides. Containing narrow, linear, stalkless leaves that are untoothed with rolled margins, Lavandula is covered with a fine grey down that provides an overall grey-green appearance. It contains a fragrance that is between a true lavender scent and a pungent rosemary fragrance.