Our Plant Varieties

We grow 30 different varieties of Lavender Plants for gardeners and landscapers. The different types have been selected over the last ten years for their hardiness, color and fragrance. Of the 475 cultivars of lavender we can separate them into three distinct types which have long Latin names but are known as the English, French and Spanish types. They are each very different but all are deer resistant and drought tolerant. They all need full sun, well drained soil and annual pruning for long term health. English Lavenders: The smaller lavenders with exquisite perfume, they bloom in June and July. Can be used in culinary applications as well as crafts. French Lavenders: The largest lavenders with long stems and larger flowers. Blooming in July and August they are used widely for fresh cut and bunches as well as sachet and pillow applications. Spanish Lavender: The winged or butterfly lavenders will bloom all summer from April to October if dead-headed. Wonderful landscaping plants and offer a range of colors.


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