Victoria Lavender was started by Alan Mayfield who began lavender farming

on Saltspring Island in 2001.  In 2005 he moved to Sidney on Vancouver Island and opened the lavender shop at 2506 Beacon Avenue.  Initially several local farmers grew lavender for the company based on plants and expertise that was brought over from the Saltspring farm.  As the company grew there was a need for a larger lavender farm and the farm at 1899 John Road in North Saanich was purchased in the spring of 2008 from the Feteke family.

The land was ideal for the new lavender farm, good soil, drainage, direct southern exposure, with excellent highway access only minutes from Swart Bay Ferry terminal and just five minutes from the Sidney store. As the land was mainly fallow pasture, work started immediately preparing gardens and 15,000 ft. of planting rows for the lavender.  The baby plants were all in by September 30th and the required irrigation system was completed as well.  Today the property has some 10,000 lavender plants which make a stunning vista in the summertime very reminiscent of the grand farms around the world.

A full range of some 65 lavender products for personal care, the home and culinary uses are produced on the farm which now has a comprehensive farm store as well as the store in Sidney and on-line sales.  Some 30 varieties of potted lavender plants are available for sale to gardeners and landscapers.  It is not widely known that lavender is available in many colors including white, pink, blue and even lime green as well as every shade of purple.  Lavender is particularly popular throughout the Pacific North-West as it is both deer resistant and drought tolerant.

In addition to the wonderful gardens and lavender fields, Alan has a passion for breeding rare birds and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Many different ducks, and peacocks roam the property. A serious dog lover, Alan's border collie Cosmo keeps the birds and goats in line. Admission to our farm is free and well behaved children are encouraged. Badly behaved children are fed to the chickens.